Sunday, 2 May 2010

Yesterday once more!

Around the pool, music is piped through the pa system throughout the day. Considering the average passenger age is probably over 70 (the fact that there are plenty of children and people of our generation will lead the more mathematically minded of you to the fact that there is a large contingent considerably older ) the music is not at all bad. Jim Reeves, Vera Lynn, perry Coma and Andy Williams haven't had a look in once. Instead we have a selection of music that falls into the "guilty pleasure " category on many an ipod playlist. ELO, early Queen, Early Elton John, Carpenters, Bee Gees, Joni Mitchel, David Bowie and even some early Aerosmith! So basically the best contemporary music 1973 to 1975 had to offer. Appying the same 35 year gap, it would be like us going on a cruise in our eighties and being treated to golden oldies from Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, Lady Ga Ga and the Killers which would be great. However, I just don't see the current average octogenarian having a clue who Queen, ELO or Aerosmith are. The point I am trying to make is,( apart from the older passengers being pissed off with the music ) that current bands have a much wider audience age group and that our generation maybe has an interest in current music until an older age than previous generations.

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