Thursday, 20 May 2010


.... to everyone who have left comments recently. I look out every day for email notifications of them being left so they are always read. Although I enjoy writing the blog, I probably wouldn't make the effort to write it if it wasn't being read and hopefully enjoyed by someone. If you are following it but tend not to comment, remember they can be left anonymously, so you can be as disparaging as you like with complete impunity! Keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Just to let you know that i always follow your blog closely even if I don't comment! I will make sure I do in future.

Brenda x

Anonymous said...

It sounds like after such a good holiday - you have come back to earth with a huge thud! Am so sorry things are getting so shitty for you. I know the blog must be a real effort, but I love reading it. It's honest, inspiring, moving and often very funny too. At least you've got over the cold. Love to all, Anna P

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, as one blogger to another, I appreciate the odd comment, too - in fact, the odder the better! Glad to know you looked in on me. I will be following you too. I love your honesty and Roch and I both find reading your blog really helpful. Keep going.

Graham said...

Glad I can be anonymous and disparaging
What was the last post about?, terrorising that poor dim girl working at the palace by pretending to be a halfwit.
Stop playing with the servants you bad man!
You don't change do you!
And yes it does sound funny when I say f**kin' hell
Try and behave yourself in future OK!!

Graham said...

Oh shit, what happened to anonymity
Looks like I'll have to resort to being disparaging in public, or change my name , or go on a witness protection programme.
I'm sure Andy McNab doesn't have these problems.

Oh Bugger it!!

Take Care

I'm off to have my photo taken with black tape across my eyes

Anonymous said...

Just been applauding you to my sister in cork. Your bravery and wit stretch far and wide. Love laura X