Monday, 3 May 2010

Pleasantly Surprised

the entertainment on board has been first rate and considerably more varied than you get might expect. There has been one Jane McDonaldesque experience; a celebrity vocal coach, Zoe someone or other, Tracy knew her from some of the talent show programmes, but she did actually have an incredible voice. Other shows would not have been out of place in the West End with impressive sets, amazing choreography and very professional performances and production. Two of the shows are ice shows of which we have seen one so far. Again despite a fairly small rink, the skaters from the US and Russia put on a great show. Last night we watched a hypnotist show which we thought was good, but then we would... wouldn't we!

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graham said...

Hypnotists great stuff,
Look into my eyes, the eyes,the eyes, not around the eyes into the eyes.

3,2,1 You're back in the room

etc, (exeeterra)

Take Care