Friday, 30 April 2010

the cruise

ok, so to make up for the lack of blog entries in recent weeks, ok months, I am going to keep a diary of the cruise and post that up. Depending on whether I decide to part company with 50p a minute for internet access or not, you maybe reading this almost live or in post holiday mode with a 10 day delay.

It is now Monday 26th, our first full day on Independence of the Seas and with the boys safely in the custody of kids club and my carer amusing herself somewhere (probably feeding her secret gambling addiction in the casino), I am with Tracy, sitting on the 13th deck watching the sea go by, well I would be if I wasn't staring at the screen writing this. Although in fairness I don't think the view has changed much in the last hour..... Nope, just checked.

Boarding yesterday was painless and a damned site easier than flying, even when Iceland isn't exploding. Car park to cabin in under 30 minutes. The only pain was having to attend the pre voyage emergency drill. Basically each cabin has a muster station location assigned and on the signal, everyone reports to the correct one to get checked off on the list. The disabled rooms seemed to all share a common station, resulting in 40 wheelchairs and mobility scooters all grouped together and subsequently fighting for the 4 lifts to return to our cabins after. The 20 minute wait gave me the chance to consider both the wisdom of deciding to put the considerable combined weight of wheelchairs and scooters in one location on what would likely be a listing ship, and the procedure for getting them off. Regarding the positioning, maybe the location is decided in the event of an emergency, on the direction of the list and we would be used as ballast to give the younger, fitter passengers a better chance. And if that theory was correct, then little if any consideration had needed to have been given to getting us off!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I'm still here!

It has been ages since last update, but I will try and do a proper update before our cruise on the 25th