Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Moonlight Golf

Having just read through the holiday entries and cringed at the typos, spelling mistakes and poor punctuation (sorry, at 50p a minute they will remain) I think I should apologise for deviating from writing the diary in the the time honoured order; chronologically. I won't go into the many reasons why this has occurred and hope the content is enough to work out the right order. And before I go any further, having read previous entries, Tracy was keen to point out that she also managed to reach the top of the climbing wall. Oh yes.... Twice.

The cabin arrangements throughout the holiday have had Tracy and 2 boys in one cabin and the 3rd taking it in turn to share with me. The latter is considered a bit of a chore for the elected individual as they may occasionally have to assist with adjusting a pillow, rearrange the duvet (which they had probably kicked off), or wiping my eyes with a tissue. In fairness they all did their bit without complaint. However as an incentive they were allowed to stay up later. Tracy and her room mates have normally been back in their cabin by 10.30, but I have wanted to stay out longer, so I have had some one to one time with each of them, wandering round the ship, eating late night pizza and playing crazy golf in the dark. I have really enjoyed it although I suspect it was getting the ten dollars on the amusement arcade card which was the boys' real reward. As an added bonus for me, the night I had luke with me, the winds were creating a little more role and luke, who is generally not the most tactile of the boys, snuggled up and held my arm. I'm sure if he reads this he will claim it was just the ship's movement which resulted in the close proximity, either way it was a nice moment.