Wednesday, 26 May 2010


These days when it comes to helping with the boys' homework I am pretty hopeless! It is a stressful enough event with a full complement of communication skills so when I tried to help with jakes maths homework the other week, Jake only just beat me to breaking down into floods of tears through sheer frustration!

However this week, I was able to offer a little more help. He had been asked to find a poem which dealt with a dilemma. They just trip off the tongue, don't they? No. And they certainly didn't off a 9 year old boy's. A boy who lives in a house of boys more interested in poo than Poe!

Just as I was about to delve into Google with various permutations of words including "child", "poetry" and "dilemma" I had a better idea.

So the next day Jake was packed off to school with a printout of what has to be the best example of poetry on the subject of dilemmas; Should I Stay or Should I Go by the celebrated poet, Strummer.

It was apparently received well!



Anonymous said...

Nice clash reference, but will the teacher be impressed? S/he'll have to be at least 45 to get it! Speaking of which, aren't you just a wee bit too young to be a punk rocker?

Anonymous said...

Superb idea to use music lyrics rather then "poetry". I used Bob Marley Forever Young for a reading for redford's naming day. so much more relevant than conventional poets. I'm sure jake was the envy of all the class.

Graham said...

Awesome inspiration
And there was me thinking you were a philistine!

Take Care mate

Anonymous said...

great idea Steve, bet no one elses dad "thought outside the box"!!


rachelridley said...

Nice one! We needed you on hand last weekend...Sam's homework was to write a song about the mummification process to the tune of three blind mice. Think you can imagine the scenes... xxx