Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bon Voyage

so this is the last day of the cruise. I'm sitting in my favourite spot in the partially enclosed solarium on deck 11. Probably the sunniest day we've had but at only 54 degrees its not sunbathing weather. Its been a great holiday. Its probably the first holiday where I have not reached the stage of wanting to go home. I know it is partly because now I can do so little, being in an environment where I can easily and fairly independently go between indoors and outdoors, between peaceful solitude and bustling bars and shops, be entertained or fed on demand; its all so easy, especially with my carer being available at any time and I am going to miss it all.

We have had a quiet day and although Tracy has been packing, she has had some time to relax before returning to hectic home life. As you can see I have taken the opportunity to bring the diary up to date. I have enjoyed writing it and hope somebody is reading it, and that if they are, I hope it has been as enjoyable to read.

We are now sitting in the main theatre waiting for the farewell show to start. Having missed getting wheelchair space initially we have been arriving well in advance and depending on the show's popularity we either get the first or last of the 12 spaces!

So a success all round! We have been impressed with just about every aspect of our holiday. Ok, the weather could have been better but it hasn't spoiled anything. These ships are incredible and are floating villages and luxury hotel, lavishly equipped and finished. Luke noticed one of the many attentions to detail. Each lift has a section of carpet with the current day of the week woven in. Somebody has the job every morning of going round all 15 lifts and changing them! So that is it... Until next year. We decided last night to rather optimisically book a 14 night Med cruise next May. Keep your fingers crossed


aayyup said...

I for one have enjoyed your writings. We are off on the IOS in a few weeks around the Med.



Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed hearing about your cruise and it has really made me want to go on one!!

Safe journey home and see you soon


Anonymous said...

It has been fantastic reading your daily blog. I've logged on with eager anticipation every day. What a great environment for you to enjoy a family holiday. Plenty to do for everyone. Hopefully next year they'll be better weather in the Med. Have a safe journey home. Christine

Anonymous said...

Wow! that's more like it. What a fab trip. Shame about the lack of sunshine. I bet you could do with a bit of sunbathing. Hopefully next time you can catch some rays.
Loved reading it. Laura X