Saturday, 1 May 2010

How to keep amused

I thought while I am waiting in this lift I would explain the pros and cons of lift travel in a wheelchair. Ok, the pro is singular but essential to avoid a very dull 10 days travelling the length of the second deck cabin corridor, I'm sure I could come up with some ideas to pass the time. Maybe, corridor roulette; a full speed run down the length of the corridor without hitting any passenger not paying attention as they emerged from their cabin. I would imagine that by day 2 I would have renamed it corridor skittles, with a score assigned to types of passenger. The cons are more numerous. Lift travel when it is busy is easier, despite the hassle of waiting for one with enough room for my chariot. There are other people to push buttons and so the only challenge is getting someone to understand the floor number I am trying to say before we go hurtling past it. "what floor would you like? ", "Alivath", "ok, seventh", "alivath", "i'm sorry, three was it? " "no, alivath", normally and thankfully another passenger will pipe up with "I think he wants eleventh ". I daren't say thank you for fear they will think I said fourteenth, so I just nod and smile. Job done!

when its not so busy I have 2 options. The first and rather dull one is to wait in lobby for another lift bound passenger, hope they are going in my direction and embark on above procedure.

the other, more exciting option is to operate the call button with my nose and wait for lift. If it arrives occupied, thats the end of the game; refer to option one. however, if it is empty, I get in and wait for door to shut; lift lottery has started! Inside the lift, none of the buttons are accessible, including the door open button. So I just have to wait until somebody calls it. The first element of this game is the waiting time, best so far 5 seconds, worst until now 3 minutes. The other element is the floor the where doors open next. Best result is someone on my intended destination deck calling it, bingo I have arrived. Next best is it being called from a floor between me and destination, but only if they continue in the same direction. I won't bore you with all the permutations as I'm sure you can already see what a hoot this game is. By the way the first half of this was written during the what has now been the worst time to date, 8 minutes!

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rachelridley said...

Glad you had such a great trip. The photos are fab. The boys obviously had an amazing time. Your description of the lift game made me laugh out loud - sorry it wasn't so much fun for you - maybe there's a gadget in there for development?