Monday, 1 July 2013

The July blog

Don't be alarmed... I know two blogs in as many weeks is a bit of shocker.

The live-in carer situation is working well, although due to the lack of progress finding a replacement 2nd carer, Kadvi, the 1st carer is doing 3 week shifts at the moment so is probably getting sick of the sight of me. Although bedtimes are no later because of the necessity for a double up carer, the daytime is much more flexible and during the last week I have gone out almost every day. It's only been local but it's a very welcome change. Kadvi has been very flexible with her break times and has combined outings with her running, so it's working well. I just hope she stays a while.

I tested a new eyegaze system recently, not primarily for me but for a friend who is considering buying one. Saying that, I wouldn't say no to a nice new eyegaze system. My current system is completely familiar to me and I know it's faults and have the necessary work arounds. But it IS starting to creak after almost 4 years constant use, and I am increasingly concerned with being left high by it failing. In an ideal world I would have this as a backup system and get a new system with all the new features.

Our cruise is getting nearer and I am starting to look forward to it now the carer has been sorted. Also I just discovered my standing hoist fits in the car so I can it on cruise. It will make transfers much quicker and easier, and more importantly it will allow me to maintain leg strength.