Saturday, 30 January 2010

For those who may have not already seen

Having just noticed that the January blog entry count is looking rather light, I thought I'd resort to the TV broadcaster's approach and put out a repeat! Most of you have probably seen this, but for those who haven't, have a look at

I'll have some more original musings soon


Anonymous said...


Have been watching your blog - its very insightful as to the experience you are going through and I am amazed at your general resilience and ability to retain a sense of humour, which can't be easy when life is such a struggle.

The missus has just shown me how to post comments on a blog (this is my first ever!).

Keep writing

John B

graham said...

Oi that is cheating!!
I get repeats on telly, hope you are keeping your chin up.
Take Care mate

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on such fantastic fundraising. Hope this repeat helps raise some more!
Anna P

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

I haven't done blogs before so this probably won't even work but just to say it is amazing to read all of your stuff on here and I love the video in the snow. Thinking of you all the time. I haven't read everything yet (just the most recent - and got to work out how to go to older stuff!) but this eyegaze technology is fantastic. As I said before, thinking of you and your family. Tone xxx Oh No. Now it's asking me to select a profile. What is that??? I think I have to choose Anonymous because I don't know what the other ones mean!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve. We'll keep reading as long as you keep writing. My cousin had MND, so I've seen close up what it can do and send you all the very best wishes a person can send. Keeping positive can help, but wingeing and moaning are all part of it too, just be yourself. I've chosen anonymous as I don't know what the other ones mean, like the person before me. ax

Anonymous said...

Come on Stephen, there's nothing on the tely so stick something on t'internet for us to read. Thinking of you, Mel B (sorry not the spice girl!).

Anonymous said...

Hey mate
I too have been keeping up with the blog, but as with John B above, only just discovered how to leave a comment.... and I thought I was supposed to be the more tech capable in my family!
Anyway, hope Jon & Adam met up with you yesterday in the end- hopefully I'll manage to get over there soon too.