Saturday, 13 February 2010

Keeping Busy

A bit quiet on the blog recently due to various factors. Have been spending a lot of time emailing people sorting all sorts of stuff including eyegaze technical issues, hoists, broken eating machine, mounting bracket for getting eyegaze on wheelchair, getting old bed collected, chasing online purchases for the boys birthday - the list goes on.

Yesterday I had to go to wheelchair centre to swap indoor wheelchair which took ages and today was at Parkside hospital getting a little lump removed from my eyelid, before it grew big enough to stop me using the eyegaze!
so I seem to be spending hours at the computer without having contributed to the blog.

The other activity which has consumed vast quantities of time is trying to archive old video footage. Ever since the boys were born we have not just taken video footage, but religiously edited each hour down to 15 or 20 minutes before copying to dvd for future viewing. It has been worthwhile as we have got round to watching them and they are actually watchable. Problem is that recordable dvd media is notoriously susceptable to scratches and equally fickle about which player it will work with. So through various methods I'm recovering the videos and making new masters so the many hours of editing don't go to waste.

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