Thursday, 21 January 2010

Life Could Be Worse

I saw something on the news last night that made me appreciate life could be worse and will try to remember it next time I'm feeling hard done by.

News of disasters like the one in Haiti, despite their horror often feel so far removed from our lives, that by the end of the weather forecast its forgotten. But 10 seconds of last nights report put things into perspective.

Parents of two children were unable to recover their bodies from the ruins of their house, so they had to pour petrol over them before setting them alight in order to cremate them.

How absolutely horrific

Just imagine having to do that.
I did and for the first time in 2 years felt lucky to be in my position.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, your blog is incredibly moving and I hope you get out of it as much as the people who are reading it. Try to stay positive. Love from Samx

Anonymous said...

It's just awful. Everyone is stunned. There is a collection at school for bedding/clothes etc and the entire lobby is covered with bags of donations. You can barely walk through it all. People desparately feel the need to do something to help.

Anna P