Wednesday, 18 August 2010


The rain forecast for yesterday has arrived today. No hurry to go out but we eventually decide to head into Weymouth to find an indoor activity. Still raining when we arrive so we go to cinema to watch Cats And Dogs. If you like films where animals are able to talk with computer modified mouth movements, you will love it. I don't, so didn't! Lauren, having recently turned 17 managed to escape and spent a couple of hours shopping and I am sure given the choice Alisha would have joined her. She wasn't, so couldn't!

The weather doesn't improve and as had happened on our arrival we are driving through low cloud on the way back. With visibility down to 25 yards, it is an interesting drive back. But the weather changes quickly around here and by 7 the sun is out and I am sitting in the garden looking across the valley to the neighbouring farm land.

The cottage owners, David and Sarah had wanted to get some feedback about the place, so later they came over with enough wine, beer and cider for a small party and we had a very pleasant evening with them.

The boys have spent the evening in the other room with the girls playing Sims on Lauren's laptop. Daniel has become rather addicted to it over the last few days. He gives us updates of life in the world he has created. His Sim family is based on us complete with dogs, well, dog (Daniel reported the demise of Bodie in a recent house fire as the result of insuficient smoke alarms; who says computer games have no educational value ) Of course in Sims world Bodie Mk1 is forgotten in seconds as a few clicks later Bodie Mk2 appears!

I am glad the boys had something to keep them busy. When David and Sarah arrived, Luke was shooting Dot Cotton on the TV with his suction cupped bullets and Jake was using the same to kill flies on the wall. We await the redecorating bill.

At the end of the evening, with the boys occupied, David offered to take Tracy, Sue and David out on the Landrover for some midnight wildlife spotting. The badgers that they saw probably wouldn't have hung around with a deluge of suction cupped bullets raining down on them!


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phil said...

Hi mate, glad everyone's having a good time, keep those updates coming,