Monday, 16 August 2010

Saturday and Sunday


The boys have been promised a trailer ride around the farm by David, the owner of the cottage and farm. So while I am getting up (one of my regular carers has joined us) everyone gets an informative tour. Later I joined them for a picnic lunch in one of the fields. we have decided not to go further afield today as the weather isn't great.


The weather looks good so we're off to the coast. We start off with West Bexington but like many Dorset beaches there are only pebbles and these are sufficiently deep to not be able to drive my wheelchair on, so we have to settle for a spot next to the car park. The boys are happy enough, they have gone off to pester some of the fishermen lined up along the shore. Every now and again each return with various pieces of fish in their buckets. Jake is particularly impressed with his fish head which is presented to me like a glove with his fingers protruding from each eye socket. Having now befriended one of the fishermen who has let them have a go at holding the fishing rod, the boys now return with complete fish. Within minutes Jake is wearing most of it and is showing the spine to anyone who is interested as well as many people who demonstrably aren't

After everyone had regained their appetite sufficiently to stomach the now rather unfortunate choice of tuna sandwiches, we decided to move on. Jake was instructed in no uncertain terms to leave his fish behind, although the empty bucket was fragrant enough to induce nausia within 2 minutes of leaving the car park.

Our next destination was West Bay, still pebbly beaches but a more picturesque location with a fishing harbour. I was able to get a bit further on the beach and we spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening there before getting fish and chips and returning back to the cottage.

on our return the boys jump out down the lane to do the daily feeding of the 2 old sheep in the paddock before racing us back to the cottage. It has been a nice day despite feeling a bit isolated initially at the first beach. Having now established a routine with the carer and in the knowledge that there are no issues with things like loo or bed , I am feeling much more relaxed.

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