Sunday, 15 August 2010

10 Go Mad in Dorset

Wildlife of dorset be scared, jake is on his way. His long-term fascination with creepy crawlies shows no sign of ending and most specimins that aren't already dead when he finds them soon are shortly after.

After a long tradition of staying in our regular North Wales' holiday cottage we are instead going to a farm cottage in Dorset. Apart from the shorter journey it will be better suited for me. We are going with my mum, sister, brother in law and nieces Lauren and Alisha.

We arrived at our dorset holiday cottage on Friday after a rather slow journey down. Set in acres of farmland, the barn style cottage easily accommodates our party of 10. There are plenty of empty fields for the dogs to run around in and the cottage is well suited for me with a well thought out layout for wheelchair and hoist use.

Jake is looking forward to studying (killing and disecting) the local wildlife and within an hour he turns up proudly holding a dead bird which he found (already dead) in the adjoining barn. It is already Jake's "best holiday ever "

more to follow....

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