Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Anniversary Break

Last week we went away for two nights for our anniversary (the one of our first date which is a more representative 18 years than the 2 years of the wedding ). Tracy booked the surprise break at The Moreton House Hotel in Corfe Castle, Dorset and our mums were given the task of looking after the boys. Given only 3 days notice meant that I didn't have too long to worry about the practicalities of it. Tracy had ensured that everything was wheelchair accessible and that there was sufficient room for a hoist. Despite this I'm sure tracy shared my apprehensions.

The journey was good and on arrival we realised we had eaten at the hotel's restaurant a few years earlier when we stayed at cottages down the road. We ate there again on both nights mainly because the food is so good but also because it was the most convenient option.

Despite the freezing weather we ventured as far as the nearby beech at Studlands which was perfect for the wheelchair and we walked for a good mile before the icy wind persuaded us to turn back. Later we walked around the village of Corfe castle and paid a brief visit to the castle. Not much effort had gone into wheelchair access. I appreciate its a ancient building but a few ramps on the steps would have been quite simple and would have opened up a much larger area.

A brief spell of retail therapy resulting in the addition of a jade elephant being added to our mantle piece elephant collection ended the day before a puncture forced a slightly earlier than anticipated retirement to the hotel.

It was unfortunate that my speech had taken a turn for the worse during the preceding weeks as it meant there wasn't much conversation going on but having been stuck in the house so much recently, the change of scene was very welcome, and you can't beat a walk along a beech!


rachelridley said...

Lovely photo of the two of you. Glad you had a good break. xx

Anonymous said...

So pleased you got away. I'll boysit anytime! Anna P