Friday, 20 November 2009


We saw Muse at the O2 last Friday and as usual they put on a fantastic show. We first saw them about 10 years ago when they were supporting Skunk Anansie (who have just reformed) at Brixton Academy. We have since seen them a number of times at ever larger venues including a gig when they were supported by a very unknown Coldplay! What is impressive about them is the musicianship not only of frontman, Matt Bellamy but of the bass player and drummer who contribute equally, resulting in their often anthemic songs.

We had driven to avoid the chaos and logistics of getting back by train on the wheelchair late at night. Although we had left early in the afternoon, the combination of rain and Friday afternoon traffic made for a gruelling 2 hour journey. Arriving at 3 we made the most of the afternoon getting a late lunch before paying a visit to The History Of British Music " exhibition. We would have been happy to pay but it turned out our Muse tickets got us in free. Its an impressive exhibition with hundreds of pieces of memrobelia from the last 60 years. Original lyrics, guitars and stage outfits galore plus lots of interative stuff.

The O2 has great wheelchair access and helpful staff who get you to your seat without any hastle. And what great seats they were, no more than 30 feet from the stage. One of the few benefits of being in my position, and one that didn't go unnoticed by a man in the standing area who pointed out to us how lucky we were to have got such great seats.....!!?

Having got there early we were in time to see the support, Big Pink. Despite only recognising the final song,  they were pretty good

Muse came on around 9 and played for an hour and a half, here is the intro and opening song as seen by someone not lucky enough to be in a wheelchair!!

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hi steve not sure if tracey mentioned that john and i follow your blog and enjoy reading it!! Never sure if you get my comments, hope you do, brenda xx