Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Kew Gardens

Can't stand to be stuck indoors on a sunny day so headed out this morning with the idea of going into London. Texted a couple of friends who work in town on the off chance they were free for lunch but by the time I'd reached the station had got replies confirming they weren't. Was going to go anyway until I spotted a bus outside the station going to Kew Retail Park.
I had no idea where Kew retail park was but guessed it couldn't be a million miles from Kew Gardens of which I'm a member so hopped on (figuratively speaking as in practice in was a cautious drive up the usual precariously narrow, steep ramp with a ledge at the top which tips the chair back to a point you  feel convinced its going to go right over).

Anyway 45 minutes later we arrive and as hoped, found myself quarter of a mile from main gate.

This picture was taken (and obviously subsequently Photoshopped) on a previous visit with the boys

Spent a couple of hours tootling round in the warm November sun, and despite the lift for the treetop walkway being broken (again) and not being able to get into the Palm House because double door wouldn't open, had a lovely afternoon.

The chap in the indoor picnic area even managed to correctly interpret my grunts and vague gesticulations and proceeded to retrieve my sandwiches from wheelchair bag. Even more remarkably, he remembered to return later to open the doors that the last remaining visitors had thoughtfully closed when they left!

Return trip fairly uneventful, partially thanks to remembering about the nails I had seen earlier strewned over a section of pavement. Had to miss first bus as it seems they can't accommodate a wheelchair AND a buggy and a woman with the latter had beaten me to it. The driver in the bus parked behind said he would be leaving 15 minutes later and let me get onboard to wait.

Then, as what must have been considered compensation for my delay, he proceeded to show me a porn clip his bus driver mates had loaded on his phone. Bizarre. I would rather have got the earlier bus. I'd seen it before!!

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