Friday, 30 October 2009

Jake's Excited

Jake starts football club tomorrow morning and he is so excited he came downstairs a little while ago with all his kit on. He is now asleep with his kit laid out on the floor in the shape of him and his football book open on the bed..... Bless. I so hope he does ok and is better than I was at his age!!

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kim said...

Oh I do hope that Jake enjoyed football better than Alex & Stephen did! We had to drag them out of the house after hours of persuading (shouting!) to get their kit on. It was worth the try, but I'm glad this year that we are not facing that struggle again. We are much happier with chess tournaments this year. Boys jumped out of bed and were ready, in the car, 10 minutes early. Amazing. I really am for supporting the activities that they are really, truly interested in. Good luck to Jake! from Kim