Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bracklesham Bay Retreat

In last months interview blog I mentioned buying a flat, so let me explain. A few months ago I started thinking about the idea of buying an apartment on the coast where I could stay for a week each month, giving me a regular change of scene and Tracy a break from the intrusion of carers. I had initially thought about regular stays in disabled facility holiday accommodation but it is so expensive, so instead I thought I could rent whatever I purchased during the summer months as disabled holiday letting.

I lined up 4 properties to view on the south coast during one day at the end of September. First property didn't have suitable parking, second was simply horribly depressing, third had already been sold and fourth, the lift was too small. So with unexpected time to spare I made another appointment to view a flat I had almost dismissed due to it's location being slightly further than I wanted to travel every month. Maybe it was unrealistic to find a suitable property so quickly but I really couldn't face too many of these multiple viewing days. The last property was in Bracklesham Bay and it looked promising as soon as we arrived. It was 50 metres from the beach, had parking and a garage and no tricky communal entrance to negotiate. Once inside, the hallway was nice and wide, the bedroom was big enough to manoeuvre a hoist and you could just about see the sea from the lounge.

It just felt right, so within 24 hours I put in an offer which after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing was accepted. The last 8 weeks have been flat out dealing with solicitors and estate agents, organising visits for wetroom quotes, arranging for hard flooring to be fitted, sorting out the finances and finding all the necessary equipment including profiling beds, hoists, toilet and ramps. We completed last Friday and I am "moving in" tomorrow with the help of a a few people. I will be coming and going over the next few weeks and will probably stay for my first full week in January. The next job will be getting it ready for holiday letting which will require a letting and property management company. I have to say I am quite chuffed to have almost single handedly achieved this with just eye movements.


Sarah said...

Steve - what incredible courage to take this on! I had no idea, and can't imagine the energy its taken to get through to this stage! Brilliant!! Sarahxx

Emma F said...

OH great! Congratulations on your new home: I really hope it bring you happiness :-)

Anonymous said...

That's quite an accomplishment. Enjoy your seaside retreat. Anna P

Anonymous said...

Thats excellent and I know exactly where you are as we have been to the bay the last two years with our disabled daughter. Its such a lovely place and definitely lifts your spirits. Its very difficult to find accommodation thats suitable as normally its been put in by people who arent disabled themselves and they forgot all the little things that we need. I wish you lots of luck with the renovations and please post back here who it will be available through as Im very interested. Katherine R

karen dish said...

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