Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Films

Well there's actually a lot to catch up with, but for now I want to tell you about the films I have been making. It started when I decided to make a film about living with MND to help others deal with all the equipment, and give them advice based on my 7 years experience. The film was made by Bernard Bushnell, a family friend of my fellow MND suffering friend, Liam. The 30 minute film took a day to shoot, but Bernard decided that a 2nd version with more of a focus on the impact of the disease on family life, would be a good showreel to further his film-making career. So I benefited from many more hours of his filming and editing time. And as a result we have a 20 minute documentary and Bernard has been successful in getting a shorter version on the BBC Fresh website. This could lead to a 60 minute full documentary on BBC3 next year.
Finally I was determined to make a 60 second version, with the view to getting it on TV as an ad campaign to raise awareness and funds. BUT the minimum cost of airtime for a realistic ad campaign is £25k. So if anyone knows of any organisations who could contribute a few grand, let me know.

This ALS Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon has been unbelievable. When I watched celebrities participating in this challenge, I broke down into a sobbing mess. Because for the first time since receiving my death sentence diagnosis, I didn't feel forgotten and ignored by the world outside of my friends and family. This has been the single most important awareness and fundraising event for ALS and by god we need it.

The documentary on BBC Fresh goes live next Wednesday 27th August, the 20 minute documentary will be put online shortly after and my initial information film will be on the MNDA website soon. But here is the 60 second potential ad.


Caroline S said...

Great ad Steve, I hope you can raise the funds. Look forward to seeing the full program

Abi Goodfellow said...

I hope you don't mind but I quoted you on Facebook. So glad you are still fighting strong and making some awesome ads and blogs to boot! Abi

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
I just watched the documentary on BBC Fresh and it was nice to be reminded of the pre-MND you. Bernard done good. Fingers crossed about the 60-minute documentary.
Lynn x