Monday, 21 October 2013

New Eyegaze System ?

As you know, my life is dependent on my eyegaze computer, maybe not literally, but without it I wouldn't have any quality of life. However my system is almost 5 years old and it's starting to creak. There are also some hardware problems which I have to contend with. A complete system reload might solve some of the issues but then how long is the hard drive, which has been spinning at 5000 rpm, 24-7 for 5 years, going to last. Yes I could replace the hard drive but that doesn't solve the issue of the system suddenly losing all power.

So I am having to consider a new system. Apart from the significant cost, which I will come back to, it's a big decision. Despite the problems with my system it is completely familiar and I use it instinctively. The thought of learning a new system is quite daunting. On the other hand, the new system apart from being reliable,  would have webcam, run more quietly , have improved sound, better environmental controls, the list goes on.

BUT, these systems still cost a small fortune (around £10k) . I paid for the first system myself and didn't expect to be around long enough to need to worry about replacing it. Survival is a costly option.

So... to get to the point, I am looking for corporate donations to fund it. I have delayed publishing this blog for several months because I feel uncomfortable asking for charity, but eventually others will probably benefit from these systems, so I am trying to view it as a delayed donation to the MNDA.

I can't promise any significant publicity for those donating, other than a mention on the blog, but it will be a very appreciated donation. And as I said  when I no longer need it, both systems will be donated to the MNDA so another person can benefit from it.

So what I am asking is that you send this blog entry by forwarding this link

to  any company you think might help. They can then click below to make a donation with Paypal after watching my video

I DO NOT want personal donations because you have already been generous previously. Just forward this blog entry to companies that you think might help

Thank you


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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Hope you hear back from Kings Hosp soon.

It was very moving to watch your video again. We will certainly be passing it on.

Lots of love, Anna P