Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hello World

I hadn't planned on doing another blog entry this month; didn't want to set your expectations unrealistically high for blog output this year, but I have just discovered the stats page on the blog site and it had some interesting information. I already knew that there had been around 4500 hits since I started it but I also know the following now.

It is not quite Google territory or likely to attract any sponsorship but I am grateful for the loyal following.
It has been accessed from over 20 different countries including Portugal - hi,Gary; Ireland - hi Trisha; USA - hi Peter (and several fellow MND sufferers) and Mandy in Canada. However some of the other countries are more of a mystery, including the 43 hits from South Korea and 29 from India. The 94 from The Netherlands also had me puzzled until I remembered that it is a location of many Internet redirection services, which allow people to visit dodgy websites anonymously, I won't say hi but I know who you are ;-)

The statistics also show me what search words were used when the blog was found with Google. Most are self explanatory, 'MND Blog', 'Steve Evans Blog ', 'Best blog in the world' but other combinations were more perplexing and included 'steve evans gay' and 'lsd steve postman'! I have just tried the last one myself and I hadn't found my blog by the end of page 3, but I am still intrigued by what they were actually looking for.

I also know that I am read on PCs, Macs, Iphones, Ipads (is that you Wendy) and Blackberries, that Google wasted their money marketing their browser Chrome and that 23 people prefer my blog to Eastenders!

Thank you all again for following

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Anonymous said...

It's scary how much info you have ! And yes I read it on my I Pad