Monday, 25 October 2010


Yesterday we took the boys to Diggerland. We have been recommended it by a few people and it didn't disappoint. As the name suggests it is a theme park based on diggers. I am not talking about the miniature diggers you stick a quid into and move some play sand around, but full size 6 tonne JCBs.

The 'rides' include static JCBs that the kids can dig enormous holes with, JCB trucks they can drive around a muddy quagmire, a ride involving sitting in a giant digger bucket on a giant JCB and being swung round at high speed, 10 metres up in the air, and the boys favourite, driving a Nissan 4x4 offroad.

A number of factors made Diggerland a refreshing change from other theme parks. It isn't too big, most rides are available to kids over 5 and can be ridden without adult supervision. I suspect that being late October helped, but the best thing was having no queues beyond a few minutes for anything. Despite not arriving until 12-30 the boys did everything at least once and we left by 4! So unlike Legoland we haven't needed 48 hours to recover. OK, legoland is on an entirely different scale, but I think the boys possibly enjoyed Diggerland more.

We took the video of Luke in one of the smaller diggers because his facial expressions as he concentrated were priceless, although the iphone quality makes it difficult to see. I don't find Mr Bean very funny, but Luke pulling the same facial contortions completely naturally is hysterically funny.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard lots of good things about Diggerland. Glad your lot enjoyed it - Hope they don't want their own digger to play on in the garden now!! Christine