Thursday, 2 September 2010


Well this is amusing. Having been ranting about people talking to me like I am an idiot, I now have to make an exception; Anglian double glazing reps. Or at least the one who pitched up just now. Tracy was out so the boys must have let him in. As he emerged through the (non Anglian) patio doors into the garden he was confronted with me drooling over my cup of tea. Unphased, he proceeded to launch into his pitch for their panoramic range of windows. I thought after my grunts and head shaking he would, as most people do, conclude that he should talk to my wife instead and for the first time ever that was exactly what I wanted. But no, he continued as if I was completely 'normal'. Eventually after some more head shaking specifically in the direction of our brand new extension patio doors, he realised that there was no business to be had and politely, without even a whif of patronising said thanks and goodbye. And that Ms Morisette, really is ironic!


Pollyanna said...

That's hilarious!! I'm send the JWs round tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!


phil said...

Ho ho ho

Excellent mate

Phil x

Anonymous said...

Great story Steve, never thought those guys could be so's funny though, isn't it, that even some of the specialists that treat us act as if we're gobshites... Anyways hope you are well - glad to see you Tracy and the kidz had a fantastic day at Wembley watching Muse (who they?). Keep on trucking. Roch