Thursday, 15 July 2010

Not Being Ripped Off

recently I posted an entry complaining about the ridiculous price of products for the disabled. I wanted a simple remote control operated with 'buddy' buttons which could be positioned and pressed with my foot or nose. The only product available to purchase was this

so I went about designing my own and with the help of Chris (production) and Stuart (installation), here it is.

the 3 sockets connect to 3 of the buttons on the programable remote control. By teaching the remote from another remote, the 3 buttons could be used to control any infrared remote controllabe device. I only have one switch at the moment, but any button type could be used to suit the user.
it has saved me at least £400


Nick and Fiona Perkins said...

Hi Steve,
Really sorry that we havent looked at your blog until now. Your writing is great to read, and really gives us a feel for all the things going on - happy or sad! We will try and keep looking more frequently but please don't take it personally as Fiona and I both agreed that yours is the first BLOG that either of us has EVER read!!! we are not the most up together technologically. Don't know whether we are going to get to see you this Sat or not but feel a little better that there is this window of communication even if we don't and we will do our best to satisfy the boys desire for equestrian activities with out getting them chucked off (too many times!!)

Bye for now - will look again soon

Love Nick Fiona & kids

Anonymous said...

Looks a bit too simple for a Halford Engineering Enterprises. Are you sure that's a button and not a neuro-sensor that reads your mind and works out what you want to watch on tv?

Actually, come to think of it, I imagine it just has an embedded programme guide that switches to whichever channel is showing the IT Crowd or Partridge.

Richard V