Friday, 11 June 2010

Being Ripped Off

I was looking for an infrared remote control with a single large button which I could control with my foot in bed. It would simply operate the power to my TV. turn it off when I ready to sleep, on again in the morning. I thought about standard £10 programable remote control with all buttons programmed with the power ir so any contact with my foot should turn tv on or off, and I may well resort to that.
Anyway to the point, after much internet searching the only product was from disabled product specialist, GEWA. And it costs over £500, and you don't even get the buttons. It is essentially a £10 programable remote with 6 wires soldered to the circuit board and presented as 3.5mm sockets on a plastic case.

sum costs of parts, £20 or less

This is just one example of this shameful exploitation of disabled people and it costs us, charities and local authorities millions.
Hopefully a friend who is handy with a soldering iron will make me the same thing with a programable remote control and 3 nudge buttons from a fruit machine spares supplier.

other examples are these buttons at over £50

and this was a great example. An over bed table at Argos £65

same table at specialist disabled supplier £235


Anonymous Disparager said...

Just caught up with the last 2 months of blog, Steve and glad I did. The bit about the patronising woman at Hampton Court was very amusing. At least the blog gives you an opportunity to get your own back on these annoying cretins, and is less traumatic for your mother than a shin massacre in front of her very eyes. Your cruise on the high seas sounds amazing but then it would, wouldn’t it? Even your lift-frustration is rendered interesting and amusing by a waft of your magic prose-wand.
And another thing – it is really shocking to hear about the exploitation of the disabled by hoiking up costs of equipment. It seems strange that charities and LA’s haven’t cottoned on and done something about it. Hope you’ve managed to get your button sorted out.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful! What can we do to raise awareness? Hope your friend sorts you out. Anna P

liloma32 said...


Anonymous said...

Steve - dopper is in the post mate! Yours for only £200 ;-) Chris

Anonymous said...

I knew Chris would eventually find something useful to do with his stock of old fruit machine parts ;-) Richard V