Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Olympia Horse show

Yesterday we took the boys to see the horse show at Olympia. Having been learning to ride for the last 6 months we thought they would like to see what they could do if they kept it up for a few years. Their cousin Alisha came along too and as usual was a great help with the boys. The show started at 1.00 with some showjumping   and went on to include shetland pony grand national, a dog agility competition, a very impressive display from the Met police horse display team, and the obligatory Santa appearance at the end. After the show, luke declared it was the best show he had ever seen; praise indeed and probably the reason why we witnessed the rare event of luke clapping during a show! the only downer on the afternoon was the 3 1\2 hour drive home caused by the 1cm of snow that fell as we left

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Pete said...

Hi Steve

Pete, Natalie, Cara and Alex in Chester here. Hope you get this comment as Natalie and I are blog virgins.

Great blog and good to read your stories and see that you are still getting out and about.

Keep fighting mate.


Pete, Natalie, Cara & Alex